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Price for cigarettes in Bulgaria

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Price for cigarettes in Bulgaria

Nowadays many people go on trip to Bulgaria because of cheap prices. That is why the amount of tourists coming to Bulgaria is going up.

Bulgaria can become more popular than other resort countries in some time because the rest there is cheap and fine enough.

As many tourists come to this country, the number of smoking people on the streets is rising. The country itself takes a leading position among European countries in the amount of smoked cigarettes. More than a half of men smoke in this country. Almost the same amount of women smokes. Every third teenager from 10 to 18 also smokes.

It is prohibitted to smoke in public places, educational and medicine centres, public transport like in other countries. But it is not really punished. If a person smokes near a hospital, he will not be fined. Soon the government is going to introduce a big fine for smoking in a wrong place.

Cigarettes cost from 1,5 to 4 dollars like in other European countries. Local cigarettes cost less.

You can import  1 block of cigarettes (200 cigarettes) or other tobacco goods of 250 gram. It refers to people over 16.

Brand Price ($) Price (lev) Price (local currency)
Kent 3 4,6
Shipka 1,5 2,3


Brand Price in
Price in
Bulgarian lev
Price in
Choose currency
Kent 3 4.6 2.31
Shipka 1.5 2.3 1.15
Davidoff 3 5.4 2.31
Parliament 0 5 0
parlament 23 0 17.71
Winston 1 0 0.77
Dunhill 0 5.8 0
Winston 1.2 0 0.92
Marllboro 0 5 0
Винстон 4 8 3.08
Парламент 5 0 3.85
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Price in
Bulgarian lev
Price for cigarettes in Bulgaria

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