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Price for cigarettes in Сroatia

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Price for cigarettes in Сroatia

There is no problem to buy cigarettes in Croatia but some tourists can save money by taking cigarettes with them. Cigarettes can be bought in any stall or supermarket here. They are sold everywhere and 24 hours a day. Price for cigarettes is a bit more than in other countries: from 2,5 to 3 dollars. Each tourist who wants to take cigarettes with him should know that he can import only one block of cigarettes.

In spite of a law prohibitting smoking in public places the majority of residents smoke.

Tourists from Ukraine, Moldova, Belorussia and Russia can take two blocks for one person over 18. You can also buy cigarettes in Duty Free. They are almost half-price there.

In Croatia it is prohibitted to smoke in public places. It is not allowed to smoke in bars, restaurants and hotels. Tourists who smoke should book a smoking room. If tourists smoke in a wrong place, they can be warned or fined. Fine varies from 10 to 300 dollars.

Brand Price ($) Price (Euro) Price (local currency)
Marlboro 3,7 3
PallMall 2,5 2


Brand Price in
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Croatian Kuna
Price in
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PallMall 2.5 2 1.92
Marlboro 3.7 3 2.85
Marlboro 3.7 0 2.85
Chesterfield 1 2 0.77
PallMall 2.3 2 1.77
Gauloises 5 0 3.85
marlboro 3.7 0 2.85
camel light 6 0 4.62
PallMall 2.5 0 1.92
pallmall 35 0 26.95
Sobranie 4 27 3.08
Лакистрак 2 0 1.54
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Croatian Kuna
Price for cigarettes in Сroatia

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