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Price for cigarettes in German

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Price for cigarettes in German

You can easily find German people making roll-up cigarettes right on the street. It can be explained by an extremely expensive price of a cigarette. Not all tourists got used to such kind of situations but this scene is widely spread in Germany.

It is not really surprising that German people prefer roll-up cigarettes because the price for a cigarette has increased in five times for the last five years.

Many people who have been in Germany before advise tourists to take cigarettes with them. It is much more practical. But take into account that it is allowed to import only one block of cigarettes or 250 gram of tobacco. If you take more, police officers can take them away and make you pay a fine that is about 50 – 125 dollars.

If we speak about German people, they make roll-up cigarettes. If not, they prefer electronic cigarettes or cigarettes of famous brands. They often go to Poland to buy cigarettes because it is much cheaper to visit another country and buy couple of blocks there than buy them in Germany.

It is not allowed to smoke everywhere in Germany. There is a law that prohibits smoking in public areas like in other countries. In this country you can find a square 2x2 metres with a bin in the middle where you can smoke.

Brand Price ($)  Price (Euro) Price (local currency)
Marlboro 6,2 5
 Dimitrino 7,3 5,9

Price for cigarettes in German

Brand Price in
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Marlboro 6.2 5 4.77
Dimitrino 7.3 5.9 5.62
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Price for cigarettes in German

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