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Price for cigarettes in Egypt

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Price for cigarettes in Egypt

Nowadays many people go on holiday to Egypt that’s why a lot of questions about prices for cigarettes in Egypt appear on the Internet.

Prices for cigarettes are different in this country. For instance, you can easily buy cigarettes for 2-3 dollars in a regular stall and the same cigarettes will cost you about 4 dollars in a supermarket. But don’t delude yourself. If you buy cheap cigarettes, it doesn’t matter that they are high-quality. Most likely they are produced in the country where tobacco is mixed with dust.

The most popular cigarettes among Egyptians are Cleopatra cigarettes. They used to be common in the Soviet Union some time ago. These tobacco goods are strong and cheap enough. Their price varies from 0,7 to 2 dollars. If you want to spot a forgery, pay attention to the cigarettes that are presented in Duty Free store. The same cigarettes of higher quality cost a bit more.

Nowadays the prices for cigarettes are going up in the whole world. A law obligating salesmen to pay a 50% tax from cigarette purchases was brought in in Egypt.

There is no wide choice of cigarettes in Egypt. If you see a great variety of them in one stall, it means that you have found a forgery.

According to a customs law, you can take not more than 200 cigarettes or a regular block. These restrictions refer to any person who is over 15.

If a tourist imports an electronic cigarette, he must show it to a custom officer. Electronic cigarettes are usually taken by the tourists who don’t want to take the whole blocks to Egypt and buy them here. This is relevant if the prices for cigarettes in Egypt are the same as in your country.

Brand Price ($) Price (Egyptian pound)
Parliament 5 35,7
Kent 4 28,6
Cleopatra 0,7 5


Brand Price in
Price in
Egyptian pound
Price in
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Parlament 5 35.7 3.85
Kent 4 28 3.08
Kleopatra 0.7 5 0.54
мальборо 1 0 0.77
Goldflake 10 85 7.7
Salem 3.5 60 2.69
Captain blacm 0 40 0
pine blue 0 13 0
Мальборо 4 0 3.08
L&M 1 28 0.77
Кент 8 7 0 5.39
malboro 34.5 0 26.56
Cleopatra 0.6 13 0.46
Winston 1.42 25 1.09
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Price in
Egyptian pound
Price for cigarettes in Egypt

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