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Price for cigarettes in Finland

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Price for cigarettes in Finland

In Finland there is a law prohibitting smoking in public places such as restaurants, cafes if they don’t have a special place for it. You’re also prohibitted to smoke near public institutions or near public transport.

These rules were brought in because the number of smoking people has been increasing each year. Moreover, there are many smoking people under 18.

People don’t smoke in special smoking rooms in restaurants because they need to pay 10000 dollars to rent it. This price scares people and that’s why they don’t use it.

The government keeps watch over minors so that they couldn’t buy cigarettes. A salesman can not only be fined for this act but he can also be instituted criminal proceedings. There is no cigarette advertisement in Finland. Buying cigarettes here is not easy because of such strict rules. Cigarettes are not shown in the storefronts. But you can be offered catalogues with tobacco goods in supermarkets.

Tourists should pay attention to the places where they smoke because it’s prohibitted to smoke in the hotels. A pack of cigarettes costs about 4 dollars.

Brand Price ($) Price (Euro) Price (local currency)
Parliament 4,3 3,5
Kent 3,7 3


Brand Price in
Price in
Price in
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Parlament 4.3 3.5 3.31
Kent 3.7 3 2.85
chester 0 470 0
Vouge 0 22 0
L&M red 0 5.5 0
visto 0 420 0
kent 3.7 3.11 2.85
Chesterfield 0 4 0
стиль 1 0 0.77
Philip Morris 0 4.9 0
L&M 5 7 3.85
Lm 0 67 0
Princr 0 6 0
Maldoro 0 7.4 0
Lucky strikr 0 4 0
Winston 0 0 0
Winston 0 4 0
Marlboro 0 5 0
winston 0 0 0
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Price for cigarettes in Finland

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    Hi. Yor prices of cigarets not actually right about Finland. Here you can buy cheapest cigarets by 5€.

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