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Price for cigarettes in China

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Price for cigarettes in China

Nowadays there are about 250 brands of tobacco in China. It used to be more than 2000 some time ago.

Many people think that cigarettes in China are the cheapest in the world. It was so till 2011 before the law prohibitting smoking was brought in. The price for cigarettes in China varied from 0,1 to 3 dollars. Now the cheapest cigarettes cost 3,5 dollars.

Nowadays there is a concept common in China: “Tell me what cigarettes you smoke and I’ll tell you who you are”. The cheapest cigarettes are popular among factory workers and drivers of public transport. Medium-price cigarettes are bought by the employees who start the career. Principals and wealthy people smoke the most expensive cigarettes.

In many countries people don’t pay attention to the cigarettes their interlocutor is smoking but in China this information is very important.

Some time ago foreign brands of cigarettes cost less and were presented in each shop. Nowadays you will hardly find foreign brands. The majority of cigarettes is produced in China. They are obviously much cheaper, foreign brands are difficult to find.

Most of tourists that are going to visit China with a business aim or just to travel, take cigarettes from their native country. But don’t forget that you are allowed to import only 1 block of cigarettes or 250 gram of tobacco. This rule refers to people over 18.

Brand Price ($) Price (yuan) Price (local currency)
Marlboro 6 36
Big Harvest 4 24,5


Brand Price in
Price in
Price in
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Marlboro 6 36 4.62
Big Harvest 4 24.5 3.08
Prince 5 17 3.85
Эльвин 10 50 7.7
modern 10 0 7.7
peel 0 12 0
Portal Gold 3 15 2.31
Marlboro 6 0 4.62
Furongwang 0 0 0
lover 5.5 28 4.23
Lambert 5 0 3.85
Lucky strike 0 25 0
Rothmans 1.6 0 1.23
Winston 4.5 0 3.46
Gauloises 35 0 26.95
5555 0 0 0
West 5 0 3.85
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Price in
Price for cigarettes in China

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Prices of Chines ciggerets in dollars

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