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Price for cigarettes in Cyprus

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Price for cigarettes in Cyprus

Nowadays smoking is quite popular. It refers to Cyprus as well. According to some statistics Cyprus has a highest percent of smoking people. It includes almost 40% of male population, a bit less among women and about 30% of minors who are still at school. Even teenagers of 12-14 years old smoke here.

A law prohibitting smoking in public places was brought in. But it didn’t really help as it’d been expected. This law created strict punishment by way of a fine for smoking in a wrong place. Fine is about 85 Euro. Systematical breach of the law means a higher fine and even deportation without possibility to enter the country.

If people smoke in a wrong place, its owner will be fined for 10000 Euro.

You can not smoke in restaurants, cafes and in the cars with a minor under 14. In spite of these laws people continue smoking in wrong places.

Nowadays one pack of cigarettes costs about 4,5 Euro. You can import to the island not more than 10 packs.

Brand Price ($) Price (Euro) Price (local currency)
Marlboro 5,6 4,5  
Parliament 6,2 5  
Vogue 4,7 3,8  


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Price in
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Marlboro 5.6 4.6 4.31
Parlament 6.2 5 4.77
Vogue 4.7 3.8 3.62
Лм 5 6 3.85
PallMall 0 50 0
phillip moris 0 7.9 0
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Price for cigarettes in Cyprus

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