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Price for cigarettes in France

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Price for cigarettes in France

Nowadays France is a third country with the price for cigarettes exceeding  7,5 dollars. Two tides of increasing prices for cigarettes for 20 cents have recently finished.

Last tide rised the price for cigarettes in France for more than 6 percents.

Many manufacturers say that people will not give up smoking. They will just buy cigarettes in other countries of European Union or smoke illegal products.

The majority of tourists who are going to visit France, take cigarettes with them because of a high price in this country.

Tourists from the countries which are not members of European Union can import 20 cigarettes or 250 grams of tobacco. They can also take 50 cigars. Tourists who come from European Union countries can take 800 cigarettes, 400 cigarolls or 200 cigars. They can also import 1 kg of tobacco.

Brand Price ($) Price (Euro) Price (local currency)
Marlboro 7,7 6,2
LM 6,2 5


Brand Price in
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Price in
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Marlboro 7.7 6.2 5.93
LM 6.2 5 4.77
Kent 100 89 77
Marlboro 7.8 7 6.01
chesterfield 10 8 7.7
Camel 5 5 3.85
Gauloises Blondes Bleu 0 7 0
Marlboro 0 6 0
Marlboro 0 11 0
pall mall red 0 9 0
Winston 0 8 0
L&M 0 7 0
Marlboro 0 8 0
Marlboro 0 0 0
chesterfield 0 7.8 0
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Price for cigarettes in France

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