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Price for cigarettes in Dominican Republic

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Price for cigarettes in Dominican Republic

If we speak about the quality of cigarettes, the Dominican Republic is even better than Cuba. Cigarettes and cigarillos are sold everywhere in this country. It isn’t worth buying tobacco goods in open stalls, you can sometimes find a forgery. It’s better to buy cigarettes and cigars in special automatic machines which have climat-control system. You can also visit a farm where cigars are produced.

In spite of the world leadership of the Dominicana Republic in production of cigars and growing tobacco, only small part of population smokes here. The quality of local cigarettes is fine but the price is about 2,5 – 3 dollars. If a tourist buys cigarettes on the street or in the stalls, he can bargain about the price. But if he buys in a specialty store, he will have to buy cigarettes at a set price. On the other hand, this product will be high-quality. You can buy high-quality and not expensive cigarettes in Colmado shops that are located throughout the country. The best production is presented in wooden sets or piece by piece in metallic packs.

Prices for cigars in the Dominican Republic are not so expensive. Some of them that are high-quality and very good can cost about 70 dollars but those that are cheaper cost about 4 dollars.

Brand Price ($) Price (peso) Price in local currency
Marlboro 3 131.7
Romeo and Juliette cigars (12) 70  3 073


Brand Price in
Price in
Dominican Peso
Price in
Choose currency
Marlboro 3 131 2.31
Romeo y Julieta 70 3070 53.9
belmont 15 200 11.55
amber leaf 70 3000 53.9
marvoro 10 0 7.7
Marlboro 7 0 5.39
Marlboro 5 5 3.85
Marlboro gold 10 450 7.7
New ports 6.89 0 5.31
Newport 1 131 0.77
Nacional 0 400 0
Lm 6 0 4.62
Marlboro 8.5 0 6.54
Quessda 40 1200 30.8
camel 5 0 3.85
Malboro 7 308 5.39
Newports 6.89 0 5.31
Viceroy 2.2 100 1.69
Add a new brand Brand Price in
Price in
Dominican Peso
Price for cigarettes in Dominican Republic

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