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Price for cigarettes in Indonesia

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Price for cigarettes in Indonesia

Smoking is very common in Indonesia. Expenses for cigarettes in this country are the second after expenses for food. A half of population lives with 5 dollars per day when a pack of cigarettes costs about 2 dollars or a bit more.

The price for cigarettes in Indonesia is less than in other countries like several years ago.

It’s worth saying that cigarettes in Indonesia are rather strong in comparison with other countries, and even the weakest cigarettes are stronger than strong cigarettes in Europe.

The majority of cigarettes in Indonesia are sweet because of paper impregnation. There are European brands in this country but the residents prefer local brands. I can’t but mention that a regular pack of cigarettes in Indonesia consists not of 20 cigarettes as in other countries but of 16 or even 12 cigarettes.

 As a rule, tourists, in whose countries price for cigarettes is less than in Indonesia, take cigarettes with them. Also tourists who have already been in this country and know that it’s impossible to find European brands here take tobacco goods from their native country in order not to buy local brands. You have choice of not more than 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco for import.

Brand Price ($) Price (rupiah) Price (local currency)
Garam Gudang 2 24.338
Sampoerna  1,5 18253


Brand Price in
Price in
Indonesian Rupiah
Price in
Choose currency
Gudang Garam 2 24 1.54
Sampoerna 1.5 18253 1.15
LM 5 0 3.85
L&M 2.4 0 1.85
Shuffle pop 4 2 3.08
LM 20 0 15.4
Add a new brand Brand Price in
Price in
Indonesian Rupiah
Price for cigarettes in Indonesia

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