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Price for cigarettes in Israel

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Price for cigarettes in Israel

Many tourists going on holiday to another country become interested in how much cigarettes cost there and if they should buy cigarettes at home.

Price for cigarettes varies in different countries. A pack of cigarettes can cost about 1 dollar in one country and can cost more than 7 dollars in other countries.

Israel is not a cheap country, if we speak about cigarettes. A pack of cigarettes here costs from 3 to 5 dollars. The prices are not the highest in the world as well as they are not the lowest.

 Tobacco control movement is common here as well as in other countries. According to this law, smoking is prohibitted in public places even in restaurants and bars. However, some restaurants are allowed to have smoking and non-smoking halls. You can not smoke at the bus stops as well and in hotels. Nowadays there are hotels around the world that are non-smoking. It is prohibitted to smoke in such hotels.

In Israel cigarettes are sold only in bars and special automatic machines. You can not buy cigarettes in regular supermarkets. Nowadays the price for popular cigarettes is rising. It will be more than 5 dollars very soon.

Brand Price ($) Price (shekel) Price (local currency)
Royal 5,7 22
NYC 5,1 20
Marlboro 7,7 30


Brand Price in
Price in
Israeli Shekel
Price in
Choose currency
Royal 5.7 22 4.39
NYC 5.1 20 3.93
Marlboro 7.7 30 5.93
Highway 0 23 0
LM 75 0 57.75
Winston 8 28 6.16
Ld 0 26 0
Newport 6.5 0 5
LD 0 25 0
Winston 5 0 3.85
Marlboro 7.7 30 5.93
Parliament 8.8 40 6.78
Rotmans 5 31 3.85
кэмэл 120 1 92.4
Lm 105 0 80.85
Kent 6 0 4.62
Sobranie 2.2 5 1.69
Marlboro 0 35 0
Полет 15 51 11.55
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Price in
Israeli Shekel
Price for cigarettes in Israel

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  • Concerned citizen
    2017-06-10 12:55:36 | #

    This is very inaccurate, as cigarettes can be and are sold in most shops while bars dont really sell them. The automatic machines are no longer available in most places and are really scarce. And finally the prices listed here are very outdated, since a packe of Parliaments or Marlboro cost around 36-38 New Israeli Shekels which is equivalent to around 10+ USD

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