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Price for cigarettes in Italy

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Price for cigarettes in Italy

Prices for goods increased much in the world market. Prices for tobacco goods rised as well.

In Italy cigarettes are expensive enough like in other European countries. That is why it is much better for tourists to take cigarettes with them. It is not common in this country to ask for a cigarette on the street. That is why make sure you bought cigarettes in advance.

In Italy there is a monopoly for tobacco goods. You can not buy cigarettes in regular supermarkets. You can only buy them in specialty stores. The price for one pack varies from 3,7 to 5,6 dollars.

Italy is a perfect country for cigar-lovers. You can buy cigars in different tobacco stalls which are very common in this country. You can smoke cigars almost everywhere although there are some bans. But actually the police doesn’t notice smoking people.

Price for cigars is not really expensive in Italy. A pack consisting of 5 cigars costs from 12,5 to 35,6 dollars. The quality of cigars is perfect in this country. You will never find these cigars anywhere outside the country because they are not imported outside the European Union.

According to a customs law, it is allowed for tourists over 17 to import not more than 200 cigarettes or 1 block. Instead of cigarettes they can take not more than 50 cigars, 100 cigarolls or 250 gram of tobacco. If your country is a part of European Union, you can import to Italy not more than 4 blocks, 200 cigars, 400 cigarolls and 1 kg of tobacco.

Brand Price ($) Price (Euro) Price (local currency)
Marlboro 5,6 4.5
LM 3,7 3


Brand Price in
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Marlboro 5.6 4.5 4.31
LM 3.7 3 2.85
Newport 5.15 0 3.97
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Price for cigarettes in Italy

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