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Price for cigarettes in Maldives

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Price for cigarettes in Maldives

A trip to Maldives can be a good reason to give up smoking because cigarettes are more expensive than in other countries. Moreover, the quality is not good. If you can not forsware bad habits, take cigarettes with you. You can import not more than 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars.

There is a law prohibitting smoking in public places like restaurants, bars, educational and medical centres in Maldives. Those places that are assigned for smoking, are equipped with a litter-bin.

Smoking on the island is prohibitted. That’s why a smoking tourist can be fined. As a rule, a police officer gives a warning if he sees a tourist. A fine from 15 to 100 dollars is charged for smoking in public places and hotels.

Tourist can not buy cigarettes in a regular supermarket. Tobacco goods are sold either in specialty stores, or in hotels. By the way, not all rooms are smoking. Smoking people should book a special hotel. In this case they will not have any problems with hotel administration.

Brand Price ($) Price (rufiyaa) Price (local currency)
Marlboro 5 76.58
Gold Leaf 3 45


Brand Price in
Price in
Maldives Rufiyaa
Price in
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Marlboro 5 76 3.85
Gold Leaf 3 45 2.31
NOBEL 5 0 3.85
Marlboro 5 0 3.85
Camel 4.6 70 3.54
marlboro 0 0 0
Marlboro 5 0 3.85
Marlboro 5 64 3.85
Marlboro 5 64 3.85
Marlboro 5 64 3.85
BOND 3 100 2.31
DEAL Light 3.25 50 2.5
Marlboro gold 0 0 0
Camel 5 0 3.85
Marlboro 10 0 7.7
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Price in
Maldives Rufiyaa
Price for cigarettes in Maldives

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  • Basheer
    2017-04-10 18:53:40 | #

    The information about Maldives smoking privileges are wrong. and there are nore then 2 types of cigarettes available in Maldives.

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