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Price for cigarettes in Mexico

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Price for cigarettes in Mexico

Prices for cigarettes in Mexico are a bit higher than in other countries but they are not the highest. There are many cigarettes and different cigars in local bazaars. You can also find them in specialty stores. Famous brands like Marlboro and Camel are sold there.

Original cigarettes produced in Mexico can be found in big supermarkets. There are special stalls there where a wide variety of cigarettes is presented. Tourists prefer cigarettes “Te amo” among local brands. Local cigarettes are quite popular in Europe and they cost not so much as foreign ones.

Tobacco used to be a sacred plant in ancient times because the Maya tribe who inhabitted Mexico began to grow tobacco and other goods.

Cigars are also popular in Mexico. It is better to buy them by wholesale because salesmen can make you a discount from 5 to 10 percents. There are specialty stalls for tourists in some cities which are meant for cigarette, cigar and coffee trade.

It is better for tourists who come from the countries where cigarettes cost less take cigarettes with them. But it is certainly worth trying Mexican cigars and take them home as a souvenier.

It is allowed to import not more than 400 cigarets or 25 cigars for countries that are members of European Union. For other countries there is a limit of 200 cigarettes.

Brand Price ($) Price (peso) Price (local currency)
Montana 2 28
Pallmall 2,0 40
Marlboro 3,4 48


Brand Price in
Price in
Mexican peso
Price in
Choose currency
Montana 1 28 0.77
PallMall 2 36 1.54
Marlboro 3.4 48 2.62
west 2 34 1.54
Esta 10 280 7.7
Calaboso 456 876 351.12
Lucky Strike 0 39 0
Camel 0 47 0
marlboro puton 0 50 0
marlboro maricon 2.5 50 1.92
delicados 0 37 0
lucky strike 1.5 40 1.15
KLORO 2 26 1.54
Newport 12 63 9.24
pall mall 0 40 0
Malboro 6 52 4.62
Marlboro 5 0 3.85
Chestherfier 4.8 0 3.7
te amo 3 0 2.31
Pall mall 2 36 1.54
camel joton 12.3 65.5 9.47
Shots 0 49 0
Shots 3 49 2.31
Peneton 100 4000 77
Add a new brand Brand Price in
Price in
Mexican peso
Price for cigarettes in Mexico

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