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Price for cigarettes in Poland

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Price for cigarettes in Poland

Many tourists who are going to Poland, are interested in the price for cigarettes and the place where they can smoke in this country.

It’s allowed to smoke almost everywhere in Poland but not near public places like hospitals, schools, bus stops, restaurants and cafes.

It’s allowed to smoke in the places where you can find an ashtray and where the place is not so crowded. Smoking people should rent special appartments in the hotel. Otherwise, hotel administration can fine you. It’s not so common to fine people in Poland. Usually you’ll just get a warning but if you are fined, the fine can reach 200 dollars. You can smoke at railway stations but only in special places.

Many tourists don’t like that the prices for cigarettes are so high. That’s why if you want to save money, take cigarettes with you. According to a customs law, you can take only one block of cigarettes for 1 adult.

Tobacco control movement is common in Poland too. And nowadays less people smoke in Poland.

Brand Price ($) Price (Euro) Price (local currency)
Marlboro 4,3 3,5
Next 3,7 3


Brand Price in
Price in
Polish Zloty
Price in
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Marlboro 4.3 3.5 3.31
Next 3.7 3 2.85
Add a new brand Brand Price in
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Polish Zloty
Price for cigarettes in Poland

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