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Price for cigarettes in Russia

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Price for cigarettes in Russia

Nowadays price for cigarettes in Russia is much less than in other countries. Cigarettes are sold at every turn in different stalls and supermarkets. Before cigarettes were presented to the customers in the storefronts but now they must be closed in order customers could not see them. As a result of the law prohibitting smoking in public places people are not allowed to smoke in the parks, on the beaches, in the clubs. Prices for cigarettes are also increasing. Many stalls selling cigarettes have already closed. Now cigarettes are sold only in regular shops or in specialty stores.

Soon prices for cigarettes will become even more than in European countries. Nowadays Winston cigarettes cost about 1,5 dollars, as for Parliament, it’s about 3 dollars.

In Russia not only cigarettes are cheap, the same situation is with cigars, cigarolls and tobacco.

The cheapest cigarolls cost about 3 dollars. The highest price for this product is 13 dollars. Prices for cigars are a bit higher – from 10 to 50 dollars.

Tobacco for smoking pipes is from 0,7 to 6 dollars.

Brand Price ($) Price (rubles) Price (local currency)
Parliament 2,4 110
Winston 2 78
Bond 1,3 60


Brand Price in
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Russian ruble
Price in
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Parlament 2.4 110 1.85
Winston 2 78 1.54
Bond 1.3 60 1
Marllboro 2.5 50 1.92
marlboro 3 0 2.31
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Russian ruble
Price for cigarettes in Russia

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