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Price for cigarettes in Spain

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Price for cigarettes in Spain

Each tourist who is going to move to Spain should think about future expenses for cigarettes in this country.

In Spain cigarettes are not sold at every turn in stalls and supermarkets. They are sold only in restaurants and bars by the use of special automatic machines. The price for cigarettes is set by the government that is why is is fixed.

Cigarettes are also sold in specialty stores. There are different types of cigarettes, tobacco in packets, machines for roll-up cigarettes and paper for roll-ups as well. You can also find a great variety of smoking accessories. The price for cigarettes in such stores is not less than in automatic machines.

There is no black market in Spain that is why the only way to buy cheap cigarettes is to buy them from a person who has imported them from another country and wants to sell them now. In this case the block of cigarettes can be much cheaper than a fixed price. But it is not easy to find such kind of deals in Spain.

Nowadays the price for one pack in Spain is about 4 Euro.

In comparison with other countries there is a wide variety of high-quality tobacco goods. In spite of high prices for cigarettes in this country, most of Spanish people smoke. You can find any tobacco you want. You can find cigarettes that are cheaper than regular ones in 2 times but they have no filter. Many people smoke roll-up cigarettes in Spain because they are much cheaper to produce.

Brand Price ($) Price (Euro) Price (local currency)
Marlboro 5,6 4,5
Celtas 4,6 3,7


Brand Price in
Price in
Price in
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Marlboro 5.6 4 4.31
Celtas 4.6 3.7 3.54
West 0 5 0
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Price for cigarettes in Spain

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