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Price for cigarettes in Sri Lanka

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Price for cigarettes in Sri Lanka

Many smoking tourists are interested in the price for cigarettes in Sri Lanka.

Nowadays all countries fight smoking. Laws prohibitting smoking in public transport and near public offices are brought in. In some countries you are allowed to smoke only in square areas with a litter-bin inside.

Last time the assortment of tobacco goods reduced much. In some countries foreign brands are not sold at all.

It refers to Sri Lanka as well. It’s quite difficult to find imported goods in this country. If you find them, most likely it’s a forgery of the worst quality. Local tobacco is not high-quality as well. It’s almost impossible to smoke it. That’s why many tourists who have been in Sri Lanka before advise to take cigarettes with you.

Tobacco is not only bad here but also it’s very expensive.

You can import in Sri Lanka 200 cigarettes or 1 block. Tourists are fined for each extra pack of cigarettes.

Brand Price ($) Price (rupee) Price (local currency)
Dunhed 4,9 640
Gold Life 4 524


Brand Price in
Price in
Sri Lankan Rupee
Price in
Choose currency
Gold Life 4 524 3.08
Danhed 4.9 640 3.77
L&M 7 0 5.39
B&H 0 100 0
LD 70 0 53.9
Bristol 0 420 0
John Player 7 0 5.39
Dunhill 8 1100 6.16
Marlboro 7 0 5.39
ITC 1 0 0.77
Menthol 0 0 0
Add a new brand Brand Price in
Price in
Sri Lankan Rupee
Price for cigarettes in Sri Lanka

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