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Price for cigarettes in Thailand

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Price for cigarettes in Thailand

Thai people are very serious about health especially about smoking. If you can buy cigarettes at every turn in all countries, it’s quite difficult to find them here. Many supermarkets don’t sell them at all.

Cigarettes are sold in local shops like Family Markt but they are not shown in the storefronts and they are usually closed with metals shutters.

Prices for tobacco in Thailand are not really cheap. Cigarettes of famous brands will cost about 4 dollars or even more. Moreover, the quality of these cigarettes can be different from those that are sold in Europe or America. As a rule, cigarettes are sold in local hotels. The more stars the hotel has, the more probability of selling cigarettes there is.

In spite of laws prohibitting smoking in Thailand, there are specialty stores where foreign cigarettes, cigars and tobacco for smoking pipes are sold.

If you want to buy cigarettes in your country, don’t forget that one person is allowed to import in Thailand not more than 200 cigarettes. It refers to people of the full legal age. It’s not worth buying cigarettes more than it’s allowed. Anyway they’ll be confiscated and you’ll pay a fine of 15 dollars for each extra pack of cigarettes.

In Thailand it’s prohibitted to smoke cigarettes in public places, clubs and parks. You can smoke at the airport only in special places.

Brand Price ($) Price (baht) Price (local currency)
Parliament 6,2 200
Kent 4,5 150
Marlboro 3,2 105



Brand Price in
Price in
Thai baht
Price in
Choose currency
Parlament 6.2 200 4.77
Kent 4.5 150 3.46
Marlboro 3.2 105 2.46
lucky 4 0 3.08
Winston 2.8 75 2.16
LM 0 87 0
kent 150 4 115.5
lm 3 0 2.31
Marlboro 4.53 145 3.49
marlboro 3 0 2.31
Camel 2 60 1.54
Marlboro 0 0 0
lambert butler 0 0 0
pueblo 460 0 354.2
Camel flasos 0 60 0
Lm 0 87 0
Беломорканал 2.5 120 1.92
Marlboro 0 150 0
camel 0 65 0
marlboro 0 0 0
Add a new brand Brand Price in
Price in
Thai baht
Price for cigarettes in Thailand

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  • John
    2019-01-05 12:56:44 | #

    I have to disagree with your comments about smoking rates in Thailand. Significantly more people smoke here than in western countries. It is also very easy to find places that sell them. All bars, restaurants, local clothes shops. If they take payments, chances are they will sell them. Just ask if they are not on show.

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