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Price for cigarettes in United Arab Emirates

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Price for cigarettes in United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates enacted a law that is aimed to resist smoking among Arabian population. Tobacco advertisement and selling to people under 18 are prohibitted.

It is prohibitted to smoke in public transport like in other countries and it’s also prohibitted to smoke in the car with a minor under 12 inside. You are not allowed to smoke in sport, medical or educational centres and in religious buildings as well. Indoor smoking is prohibitted.

Tourists can consult with guides about the places which are assigned for smoking. As a rule, tobacco goods are sold in these places.

The government leads tendention to a price rise but it’s not really scaring for tourists because cigarettes in the United Arab Emirates are considered to be the cheapest in the world.

Customs control is the same as in other Arabian countries. There are limitations for tobacco import. You can take not more than 2000 cigarettes or 10 blocks, 2 kg of tobacco or 400 cigars.

Average price for cigarettes is from 1,5 to 2 dollars.

Brand Price ($) Price (dirham) Price (local currency)
LM 1,6 6  
Marlboro 1,8 6,5  



Brand Price in
Price in
UAE Dirham
Price in
Choose currency
Marlboro 1.6 6 1.23
LM 1.8 6.5 1.39
Pueblo 5 0 3.85
lucky strike 8 0 6.16
Marlboro 26 91 20.02
marlboro 1.6 1.42 1.23
Marlboro 20 0 15.4
дубао 0.4 0 0.31
Marlboro 3.42 0 2.63
Cavalo 0.7 0 0.54
malboro 5 0 3.85
М1 0 0 0
Wisto 0 0 0
Wisto 0 0 0
Camel 4 0 3.08
Chesterfield 1 0 0.77
Chester 5 0 3.85
Chesterfield 0 9 0
Marlboro gold 0 21 0
Add a new brand Brand Price in
Price in
UAE Dirham
Price for cigarettes in United Arab Emirates

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