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Price for cigarettes in Vietnam

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Price for cigarettes in Vietnam

Many tourists are interested in the price of cigarettes in Vietnam. Many people who don’t smoke can afford themselves to smoke just because of a cheap price for cigarettes.

Like in other countries Vietnam fights smoking but this tendention is not so fast and active. Nowadays you can not smoke in educational, medical centres and public transport. All smoking places are equipped with fire extinguishers because climate is dry and hot.

A law is worked out to fine people smoking in a wrong place. The fine is going to be from 10 to 480 dollars. Anyway tourists must be careful and pay attention to the places where they smoke.

Nowadays the price for cigarettes is the cheapest in the world. A pack of Kent cigarettes costs 1 dollar, Some cigarettes cost even less than 1 dollar.

There is a great amount of imported goods in Vietnam as well as tobacco goods produced in Vietnam. Local cigarettes cost about 0,5 dollar.

Brand Price ($) Price (dong) Price (local currency)
Kent 1,03 22 000
Chemsongdae 0,7 14 950


Brand Price in
Price in
Vietnamese dong
Price in
Choose currency
Chemsongdae 0.7 14950 0.54
Kent 1.03 22000 0.79
Marlboro 17 0 13.09
Molbora 130 0 100.1
Максим 1 0 0.77
Malboro 1 1 0.77
Thang long 13 0 10.01
DUNHILL 0 40000 0
West 0 0 0
pall mall 6 0 4.62
Dong do 1 0 0.77
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Price in
Vietnamese dong
Price for cigarettes in Vietnam

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